craig ruddy
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Despite the whirl of endless information around us and the vast knowledge at our fingertips, wisdom somehow remains elusive. In a society obsessed with youth, elders are pushed into corners, undervalued, if not unseen.

Wisdom is about thinking and acting using knowledge, common sense and experience, about drawing on a deep understanding that develops over a long life and leads to clarity of insight. All around us are elders who seem ghost-like and distant to us, but only because we’ve failed to reach out for their wisdom.

All of us are on our own journey of wisdom that promises to bring us closer to nature, community and our true selves.

This portrait I’ve created embodies both youth and wisdom. It’s the face of a young boy within the face of an elder. It’s a reminder that we need to honour the full spectrum of life and celebrate the coming of age as a precious part of the lifelong journey to wisdom.

Watercolour paper textured, Paper size: 81cm x 61cm, printed area: 71cm x 53cm, 300gsm, unframed, edition of 24, A$820 (free shipping in Australia)

Please note, the quoted price is unframed, you’ll receive the print rolled in a tube. If you have any
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award winning artist lives & works in the byron bay hinterland, australia.

Craig Ruddy’s career has been marked by a restless search to understand our place within the vastness of the landscape. Ruddy’s ability to create works of great passion that work on multiple aesthetic levels is renowned both in Australia and overseas. His evocative paintings delve into an ethereal world of beauty and desire.


"two worlds" - archibald prize.

Ruddy has been a multiple finalist in the prestigious Archibald Prize at the Art Gallery NSW, most notably winning both the Archibald and the People’s Choice Prizes in 2004 with the monumental painting of David Gulpilil “Two Worlds”. This seminal portrait was controversial but profoundly important for Australia with it’s timely message about indigenous recognition and reconciliation. It is widely regarded as one of the most influential paintings of that decade. He again won People’s Choice Prize in the 2010 Archibald Prize with his painting of writer/director Warwick Thornton